Cforia Software Announces Major Product Enhancements at 14th Annual Cforia University held at Universal Studios Hilton

Cforia has expanded Client use into 117 Countries managing over $325B in turnover and 250 million transactions, delivering dramatic working capital productivity gains

Los Angeles, CA and London, UK – Cforia Software, Inc., is a world leading provider of next generation Order to Cash Automation software. Cforia’s disruptive technology platform, Cforia.autonomy™, seamlessly integrates with Client’s current billing systems by means of a highly sophisticated Cforia Next Generation Connector (CNGC). This breakthrough capability eliminates traditional information technology barriers to accessing comprehensive Customer Master Data…without which order-to-cash improvement is virtually impossible.

Since 2001, Cforia’s core driving focus has been the improvement of Accounts Receivable Working Capital and the capacity and efficiency of the resources responsible for credit, collections, disputes and deductions, cash application, electronic billing, payment processing and portal management. Cforia.autonomy™ is a completely new approach to how finance teams work more efficiently and interact more productively with other departments, critical to order-to-cash lifecycle management.

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