Cforia's Global Footprint

$425 Billion in A/R Turnover Managed. 117 Countries Worldwide. 250 Enterprises Using Cforia Globally.

About Us

Cforia Software Inc. is a global enterprise solutions provider, delivering industry leading working capital and accounts receivable (AR) automation software. Over 250 enterprises are managing $425 billion in A/R Turnover  with Cforia today. Our 16 years of success have been driven by superior technology integrated with proprietary real-time data integration tools across complex and disparate ERP systems. Cforia Collections Snapshot, Credit Risk Analytics, Order Management, Clean vs Dirty Receivables Tracking, multi-languages/currency, global Parent/Child risk roll-up and multi-business unit solutions are available in Hosted On-Site delivery.

Company History

Cforia was founded in 2001 by technology veterans with extensive experience in ERP applications like SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. At the heart of Cforia’s solution, is our software’s scalability to integrate with other accounting software and collection tools in real-time. The implementation of Cforia’s Real-Time Database allows for efficient, updated functionality in all areas of the product suite: Credit, Cforia.autonomyTM, Customer Self-Service Portal, A/R Collaboration Portal and Cash Application Software.

Data Integration Value

Cforia’s Data Integration Connectors provide faster implementation with greater functionality. Our Data Integration Connectors facilitate rapid real-time integration with your corporation’s existing ERP systems, Document Imaging, third party credit data, email and facsimile servers. Our pre-packaged real-time connectors keep Cforia’s Order to Cash Database continuously up to date to assure efficient functionality throughout our product suite. Pre-packaged connectors greatly shorten project timing and risk by avoiding custom data integration.

About Our Customers

Cforia solutions are helping over 250 enterprises around the world manage over $425 billion in receivables today. We do this in over 117 countries and in 25 languages. Our products provide value across a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Engineering and Construction, Food Services, Health Sciences, Industrial Manufacturing and Transportation & Logistics.

The Cforia Solution for Corporate Cash Flow Management

There are three main “levers” a company can use to optimize working capital: Days Receivables Outstanding (DSO or DPT), Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), and Inventory Management. For most companies the largest “lever” is Accounts Receivable which typically holds about 60% of a company’s available Working Capital. If that “operating cash” gets trapped in delayed customer payments, unearned-discounts, deductions (short payments), invoice disputes, bad debt reserve requirements (or worse, write-offs), the company suffers financially.

The Cforia solutions help you address the challenges today in dealing with projected business changes and the ever increasing collections, dispute and credit risk demands with flat or shrinking staff and more detailed/complex management requirements every quarter, while:

  • Reducing Days Beyond Term (DBT) and accelerating the conversion of receivables into cash
  • Mitigating credit risk and portfolio roll-up of global client exposure
  • Reducing write-offs and diminishing bad debt reserve requirement
  • Shortening the discovery and resolution cycle times of client disputes and deductions
  • Increasing Customer OTC lifecycle satisfaction and making it easier to do business with your company