Driving Success Through Integration

Cforia Software has the most comprehensive Credit, Collections and Deductions software for Microsoft Dynamics ERP in today’s market.  The implementation of our product provides a powerful tool for success in increasing your company’s productivity and efficiency. Our complete A/R Automation Platform includes the following functions: Real-Time Database Integration, Credit, Collections and Deductions Workbench, EIPP Customer Self-Service Portal, A/R Collaboration Portal and OCR Auto Cash Application.

The foundation of the Cforia A/R Automation Platform is Real-Time Database Integration that drives the workflow behind the entire platform.

With the Credit, Collections & Deductions Workbench, your A/R Department has access to one application where credit, collections and deductions can be efficiently managed. Our EIPP Customer Self-Service Portal enables your customers to receive electronic billing, view shipping status, collaborate on deductions and pay online. Similarly, team members outside of your A/R Department can sign-on to the A/R Collaboration Portal to view payments and disputes, manage their activities and collaborate on all aspects of A/R.  OCR Auto Cash Application leverages OCR technology to automatically read and apply payments received in bank lockbox BAI2, MT940, EDI-823, PDF and TIF formats, plus remittance information received in hard copy, spreadsheet and EDI-820 formats.

The Cforia A/R Automation Platform is unlike any other in its market space. The ease with which it integrates across multiple ERP systems and its real-time database integration differentiates it from all other competitors.

Faster Implementation at Lower Cost, Better A/R Results:

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Real-Time Integration
Single instance supports multiple currencies, languages and business units
Writebacks for notes, held order management, and credit limit updates
Rapid Go-Live with short six to eight week project time
Enables Finance and A/R Departments to create and modify Reports, Electronic Dunning Correspondence and A/R business logic themselves
Efficient workflows avoid Dynamics menu navigation
Integrates with disparate ERP and Billing Platforms
Available in Private Cloud and Insourced application delivery formats

Key Features

Credit, Collections & Deductions
EIPP Customer Self-Service Portal
A/R Collaboration Portal
OCR Auto Cash Application
Six to Eight Week Go-Live
Maximum Flexibility
Efficient Workflows
Real-Time Data Integration

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