Driving Success Through Integration

Cforia Software has the most comprehensive Credit, Collections and Deductions software for SAP ERP in today’s market. The implementation of our product provides a powerful tool for success in increasing your company’s productivity and efficiency. Our complete A/R automation platform includes the following functions: Real-Time Database Integration, Credit, Collections and Deductions Workbench, EIPP Customer Self-Service Portal, A/R Collaboration Portal and OCR Auto Cash Application.

The foundation of the Cforia A/R Automation Platform is Real-Time Database Integration that drives the workflow behind the entire platform.

With the Credit, Collections & Deductions Workbench your A/R Department has access to one application where Credit, Collections and Deductions can be efficiently managed. Our EIPP Customer Self-Service Portal enables your customers to receive electronic billing, view shipping status, collaborate on deductions and pay online. Similarly, team members outside of your A/R Department can sign-on to the A/R Collaboration Portal to view payments and disputes, manage their activities and collaborate on all aspects of A/R.  OCR Auto Cash Application, leverages OCR technology to automatically read and apply payments received in bank lockbox BAI2, MT940, EDI-823, PDF and TIF formats, plus remittance information received in hard copy, spreadsheet and EDI-820 formats.

The Cforia A/R Automation Platform is unlike any other in its market space. The ease with which it integrates across multiple ERP systems and its real-time database integration, differentiates it from all other competitors.

Faster Implementation at Lower Cost, Better A/R Results:

SAP Certified Powered by SAP Netweaver Real-Time Integration
Works with or without SAP FSCM installed
SAP BAPI collections notes, held order management and credit limit updates
Single instance supports multiple currencies, languages and business units
Writebacks for notes, held order management, and credit limit updates
Rapid Go-Live with short six to eight week project time
Enables Finance and A/R Departments to create and modify Reports, Electronic Dunning Correspondence and A/R business logic themselves
Efficient workflows avoid SAP menu navigation and off-platform systems
Integrates with disparate ERP and Billing Platforms
Available in Private Cloud and Insourced application delivery formats

Key Features

SAP Certified
Credit, Collections & Deductions
EIPP Customer Self-Service Portal
A/R Collaboration Portal

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