Transform your order-to-cash process through accounts receivable automation

Gain  efficiency, visibility, and control across global cash by digitalizing and automating accounts receivable. Cforia Software makes it easy with a flexible, intelligent platform that plugs into the enterprise environment to streamline the order-to-cash process.

Start your transformation today and achieve ROI within months with the help of Cforia’s accounting software.

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Lower DSO and bad debt

Enhance collector efficiency and simplify the customer payment experience to speed time to payment.

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Accelerate cash flow

Faster time to payment helps unleash cash flow and optimize working capital.

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Help teams work smarter and more efficiently

A 360-degree, real-time view of customers and global cash with Business Intelligence for teams, managers, and executives.

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Deliver a seamless customer experience

Online payment and invoice management integrated into the payment workflow.

Transformation Partner to Leading Global Enterprises

Simplify your AR System with Accounts Receivable Automation

Cforia.autonomyautomates tasks, streamlines workflows, and delivers insight across the receivable lifecycle. Purpose-built modules for critical steps in the O2C process are fully integrated on a single, end-to-end digital platform.

Reduce DSO by replacing manual tasks with automation

Cforia.autonomy™ collection management product utilizes a machine-learning based process that reduces the number of customer touches by automating outbound communication and prioritizing accounts based off data being gathered.

What Our Clients Say

Cforia helps us improve our clean receivable collections by driving out time spent on routine calls. This in turn allows us to spend more time with disputes and deductions (dirty A/R) which require more direct interaction and collaboration with other groups like sales and operations, and of course the customer. The categorization of deductions by type is a huge win for us as it provides peak visibility and reporting on all “dirty” items. We used to spend a lot of time just organizing the A/R into clean and dirty from our ERP systems. Cforia’s clean and dirty tracking finds and prioritizes them for us.

Joe Yackanicz

Director Financial Services | Dorman Products

Speed and flow of information is critical for
maintaining accountability and transparency.
Cforia.autonomy’s ability to display up-to-date
data to our team throughout the day was critical
to our success.

Simon Lin

Director of Shared Services | Goodman Manufacturing

Enterprise-Ready Solutions

Faster revenue, lower margins

Automating key tasks accelerates cashflow and reduces operating requirements even as you grow.

Informed decision-making

A real-time view of global customers and cash with customizable reporting and analytics informs strategy at every level.

Improved customer satisfaction

A secure, integrated portal for electronic invoicing and payments creates a seamless, simple experience.

Room to grow

A flexible SaaS platform with turnkey ERP integration makes it possible to scale easily without adding headcount.

Faster, Simpler Collections

Improved productivity

With time-consuming tasks out of the way, and the information they need at their fingertips, collectors work smarter and focus on what matters most.

Simplified dispute management

Built-in tools for root cause identification, dispute assignment, routing/escalation and final resolution simplify the process. 

Intelligent collections

Collectors always reach the right customers at the right time with 100% configurable dynamic rules and strategies. 

Dynamic collector worklists

Smart workflows driven by real-time customer intelligence keep the focus on key accounts and ensure every touch point counts.


Cforia.autonomy™ Software

Cforia’s digital O2C software and platform automates tasks, streamlines workflows, and delivers insight across the receivable lifecycle. Purpose-built modules for critical steps in the O2C process are fully integrated on our global SaaS end-to-end digital platform.

About Cforia

With over 15 years in working capital and accounts receivable (A/R) automation software, Cforia provides solutions that help businesses streamline their accounts receivable systems, improve cash flow, and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO). We are dedicated to helping our clients improve their accounts receivable processes, serving over 250 customers worldwide and managing more than $425 billion in open A/R across our platform.

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