CRF Business Journal -Customer Data Harmonization or Single View of Customer Truth

A ‘sea of data without knowledge’…it’s time for a change. 2016 could be a watershed year for finance departments moving beyond ‘data noise’ to materially improving their order to cash outcomes through data harmonization. We have all heard it, or used it ourselves: “We need a single view of Customer Truth.” When it comes to […]

What is DSO?

Cash is king as every business needs cash. This is why it’s crucial to know DSO, which stands for Days Sales Outstanding. What is DSO? DSO is a metric that offers businesses a better perspective of their liquidity or cash flow. It calculates the amount of time a firm has to collect accounts receivables after […]

The Downside of Traditional Accounts Receivable Dispute Management Process

Disputes in Accounts Receivable (AR) are a major headache for practically all businesses as they can directly impact a firm’s cash flow. Inefficient dispute management and unresolved disputes can negatively affect a company’s profitability. Hence, proper dispute management, one that resolves disputes quickly without compromising customer experience is necessary. It’s a tough balancing but necessary […]

The Challenges of the Cash Application Process and How to Address Them

The cash application process cycle starts soon after the customer places the order. The process continues in a streamlined fashion until the businesses receive the payments and the client is satisfied. Understanding the entire process and knowing the challenges and possible ways of addressing them helps enterprises analyze their operations better. One area of the […]

Cash Application Performance Metrics 101: How to Measure Cash Application Automation

There are plenty of questions regarding the measurement of cash application automation. Many are confused because each vendor uses their own automation cash application performance metrics to paint their products in a good light. Unfortunately, many of these metrics fail to provide a clear picture of the automation’s effectiveness. One metric that commonly and constantly […]

Grow Revenue, Not Headcount, in 2021

With the availability and administration of vaccinations, we are finally seeing the light of a post-pandemic world at the end of what has been quite a long tunnel. Businesses across industries that have persevered through the strain and stress of 2020 will likely get a chance to recover and rebuild. It is very possible that […]

A Step-by-Step Guide on Order to Cash Cycle and How to Improve its Management

Order to cash is one of the high-level business processes for receiving and processing client’s orders. Companies must optimize their order to cash cycle so they can maintain efficient and smooth operations. There are various processes involved in the whole order to cash cycle, and each of them impact’s a firm’s overall business model. Technological […]