Cforia.autonomyTM Released at 12th Annual Cforia Software User Conference in Los Angeles, CA

Cforia Software has released a disruptive technology for order-to-cash process optimization and a new working capital discipline called Capacity Driven Headcount Management. Using proprietary resource analytics based on Cforia Software’s Clean-Receivables calculations, Cforia is delivering a new Web based Software-as-a-Service for enhanced global financial shared service impact. 

Cforia Software, LLC., a world leading provider of proven technology for Order-to-Cash Process Optimization, complex Accounts Receivable Data Integration, Global Credit Risk Mitigation, Dispute Lifecycle Management Automation and Internal as well as Customer Facing Collaboration Portals, introduces Cforia.autonomyTM, a disruptive technology for improving global working capital.

Cforia.autonomyTM, is a completely new global enterprise software solution for order-to-cash management. Based on the very successful Cforia MC2 and rewritten as a thin-client (web-based) software-as-a-service, Cforia.autonomyTM is fully compatible with Cforia’s globally deployed MC2 software suite, which has been successfully operating for sixteen (16) years in over 230 companies in 55 countries and managing over $250B in daily Accounts Receivable turn-over.

Cforia.autonomyTM also provides enhanced ability to dramatically reduce client-required IT resources traditionally needed for aggregating and rationalizing data from complex system-of-record and system-of-engagement order-to-cash sources across a global enterprise. On Tuesday, August 9th 2016 at the Credit Research Foundation Forum in Chicago, Chris Caparon presented “Data Harmonization – A Single View of Customer Truth”, highlighting the Cforia methodology for complex ERP data-harmonization.

Using nearly two decades of Client experiences, Cforia.autonomyTM, combined with order-to-cash Six-Sigma DMAIC (define, measure, analyze and improve) process disciplines and Cforia’s new Capacity Driven Headcount Management resource allocation analytics, Cforia is accelerating the pace at which companies can achieve breakthroughs in key OTC financial metrics.

Cforia continues to expand its global client base and achieve significantly improved financial outcomes in reduced days-beyond-term/days-sales-outstanding, faster dispute resolutions cycle times, greater command and control of global working capital, zero order-to-cash headcount growth and improved customer relationships through better Customer facing Self-Service and Collaboration Portals.

Cforia.autonomyTM operates from two (2) highly efficient User-Interface (UI) productivity screens, significantly shortening new user on-boarding and time-to-productivity. Users have the ability to departmentally create prioritized work lists in minutes, without traditional IT or required vendor support. Users are able to re-prioritize global activity for Credit, Collections and Disputes teams, anywhere in the world, in just minutes.

Cforia.autonomyTM enables authorized users to rapidly model working capital outcomes and workloads by capacity, using Cforia’s Capacity Driven Headcount Management. Within minutes, management can re-assign priorities by individual resources or shared services teams, by customer segmentation and appropriate treatment strategy. Users have the ability to measure how the global teams are performing against the new order-to-cash model and if the model is delivering expected results. If the results are not measuring up, the Cforia Capacity Modeling process has the ability to change priorities on-the-fly, in real-time.

Unlike other order-to-cash solutions in the market, Cforia.autonomyTM does not require IT, Consultants or Vendor support. This new SaaS offering by Cforia was created to finally empower the finance department and give them autonomy from scarce IT resources and expensive consultants.

Cforia continues to enhance Cforia connect, which is an App-Store for order-to-cash Collaboration amongst 230+ global Cforia Customers. This Best Practices Knowledge-Hub is designed for sharing best practice reports, dunning reminders, dispute workflows, analytics and order-to-cash process automation, via an SSAE16TM secured Cforia business information network. The Cforia connect repository of proven best practice methods, workflows and reports will accelerate Cforia.autonomyTM adoption and shorten time-to-value.

Chris Caparon, Chief Operating Officer of Cforia announced, “Dave McIntyre, Cforia CTO, and the Cforia Development and Support Staff, have really outdone themselves, again. They have worked tirelessly to create an unparalleled order-to-cash technology, which we are launching at the 2016 Cforia User Conference. Our customers, industry analysts and business partners are all telling us this product is the most advanced order-to-cash software suite available in the market. This is extremely gratifying for the entire Cforia team to hear.”

Chris continued: “Congratulations to each and every member of Dave’s team and thank you to all Cforia Customers who have helped us make Cforia.autonomyTM possible. With this launch, Cforia takes a very big step forward in continuing to change the Credit, Collections, and Dispute performance landscape for global business.”

About Cforia Software 

Cforia Software, LLC. ( is a global enterprise software provider, delivering industry leading working capital and accounts receivable (A/R) automation software. Over 230 enterprises in 55 Countries are managing $250 billion in run-rate A/R turn-over with Cforia today. For sixteen years Cforia has delivered superior technology integrated with proprietary real-time data integration tools across complex and disparate ERP systems of record.  Cforia.autonomyTM, delivers enhanced versions of Cforia Collections Snapshot(SM), Credit Risk Analytics, Order Management, Clean vs. Dirty Receivables(SM), Multi-Languages/Currency, Global Parent/Child  risk roll-up and multi-business unit solutions. The comprehensive Cforia.autonomyTM software suite maximizes Order-to-Cash (OTC) performance through an enterprise software suite which includes Zero-Touch OTC Lifecycles(SM), Credit Lifecycles(SM), Credit Lifecycle Management, Strategic Collections Management, Deductions Collaboration Portals, and FTE Resource Optimization. Cforia.autonomyTM empowers Finance Departments to independently manage their order to cash workflows, electronic dunning correspondence, and credit and collections business logic and business analytics, without relying on an overburdened IT staff or expensive external resources.