Cforia Presenting at Hackett Group 2017 Advisory Meetings in London and Chicago

Cforia will be discussing and presenting Cforia.autonomy™ a disruptive technology platform for Customer-to-Cash Lifecycle Management. The presentation will complement the 2016 Cforia presentation on “Capacity Driven Headcount Management” for optimizing resource utilization.

Cforia Software, LLC., is a world leading provider of Working Capital optimization software. Cforia has delivered a breakthrough, next-generation thin-client software technology, for optimizing resource productivity and cash-flow impact.

Cforia.autonomy, announced at the Cforia University in Los Angeles, CA in October of 2016, offers a powerful new approach to traditional solutions for managing Accounts Receivable. These include Data Integration, Collections Process Improvement, Global Credit Risk Visibility & Mitigation, Dispute Lifecycle Case Management, Customer Facing Collaboration Portals for Self-Service and Business Analytics which drive actionable workflow.

Over the last 16 years, Cforia has built a global software and consulting business which today manages over $275B in Accounts Receivable (A/R) turnover, in 117 countries, across hundreds of different billing systems, languages and currencies.

Cforia.autonomy leverages the Cforia.connect(SM) Knowledgebase, a shared Best-Practices website available to Cforia Clients. Cforia uses these shared Operational Experiences and target gaps within their traditional enterprise requirements planning systems (e.g. Oracle and PeopleSoft, Microsoft, JD Edwards and Infor). Cforia.autonomy™ Users share and benefit from collective local intelligence to drive great working capital impact.

Chris Caparon, Chief Operating Officer of Cforia said, “We continue to expand the Cforia global footprint with the release of Cforia.autonomy. Today we are now operating in 117 countries, helping global multi-national enterprise Clients gain new efficiencies within large financial shared service centers as well as local branch operations. The two-year ground-up rewrite of our very successful Cforia MC2, in a .NET format, has accelerated the pace at which Cforia can push the envelope on what is possible within best-of-breed products for order to cash lifecycle management.” Cforia.autonomy™ also provides enhanced ability to dramatically reduce client-required IT resources, traditionally needed for aggregating and rationalizing complex/disparate system-of-record and system-of-engagement, needed for customer-to-cash processes across a global enterprise.

Cforia.autonomy™ combines order-to-cash Six-Sigma DMAIC (define, measure, analyze and improve) process disciplines with Cforia’s new Capacity Driven Headcount ManagementSM resource allocation analytics to accelerating the pace at which companies can achieve breakthroughs in key OTC financial metrics.

Cforia continues to expand its global client base and achieve significantly improved financial outcomes in reduced days-beyond-term/days-sales-outstanding, faster dispute resolutions cycle times, greater command and control of global working capital, zero order-to-cash headcount growth and improved customer relationships through better Customer facing Self-Service and Collaboration Portals.

Cforia.autonomy operates from two (2) highly efficient User-Interface (UI) productivity screens, significantly shortening new user on-boarding and time-to-productivity. Users have the ability to departmentally create prioritized work lists in minutes, without traditional IT or required Vendor support. Users are able to reprioritize global activity for Credit, Collections and Disputes teams, anywhere in the world, in just minutes.

Cforia.autonomy™ enables authorized users to rapidly model working capital outcomes and workloads by capacity using Cforia’s Capacity Driven Headcount ManagementSM. Within minutes, management can reassign priorities by individual resources or shared services teams, by customer segmentation and appropriate treatment strategy. Users have the ability to measure how the global teams are performing against the new order-to-cash model and if the model is delivering expected results. If the results are not measuring up, the Cforia Capacity ModelingSM process has the ability to change priorities on-the-fly, in real-time.

About Cforia Software

Cforia Software, LLC. ( is a global enterprise software provider, delivering industry leading working capital and accounts receivable (A/R) automation software. Over 240 enterprises in 117 countries are managing $275 billion in A/R turn-over with Cforia today. For sixteen years Cforia has delivered superior technology integrated with proprietary real-time data integration tools across complex and disparate ERP systems of record. Cforia.autonomy™, delivers enhanced versions of Capacity Driven Headcount ManagementSM, Cforia Collections SnapshotSM, Credit Risk Analytics, Order Management, Clean vs. Dirty ReceivablesSM, Multi-Languages/Currency, Global Parent/Child risk roll-up and multi-business unit solutions. The comprehensive Cforia.autonomy™ software suite maximizes order-to-cash performance through an enterprise software suite which includes Zero-Touch OTC LifecyclesSM, Credit Lifecycle Management, Strategic Collections Management, Deductions Collaboration Portals, and FTE Resource Optimization. Cforia.autonomy™ empowers Finance Departments to independently manage their order-to-cash workflows, electronic dunning correspondence, and credit and collections business logic and business analytics, without relying on an overburdened IT staff or expensive external resources.