Cforia Software Announces Global Client Expansion, Enhanced International Financial Shared Services (FSSC) Support and Key ERP Data Connectors at International Credit Trade Finance (ICTF) Symposium in Chicago

Cforia continues expanding its global multi-national client base and experience working with complex enterprise systems of record and Order-to-Cash (OTC) secondary support systems used by Finance Teams including Collections, Dispute Adjudication, Credit Analytics and Cash Application

A world leading provider of Order-to-Cash (OTC) and Accounts Receivable (A/R) Integration and Collaboration Automation, Cforia Software, LLC. introduces next generation Cforia  Collaborative Technology and expanded global support at the International Credit Trade Finance (ICTF) Global Trade Symposium, Sunday April 17 through Tuesday, April 19th in Chicago, Illinois. As an ICTF Symposium Sponsor, Cforia will also be presenting new OTC solutions and global capabilities at the ICTF Symposium Expo.

Over the last 15 years, Cforia has been freeing-up strategic Working Capital trapped in enterprise Order-to-Cash (OTC) systems and processes, through business consulting and Order-to-Cash (OTC) Best Practices technologies, to help its expanding global client base achieve enhanced financial outcomes and resource performance improvements.

Announced at the last ICTF Symposium, the Cforia.connect Collaborative Knowledgebase has evolved into an OTC App-Store for Cforia Users to collaborate and share best practice analytics and OTC process workflows, via a secured Cforia business information network. The  Cforia.connect repository of proven best practice methods, workflows and reports helps Cforia clients deliver significant working capital impact and improved financial outcomes.

Chris Caparon, Chief Operating Officer of Cforia announced , “Our global presence continues to expand and our Enterprise Order-To-Cash Suite is now servicing client needs in 55 countries. In particular, we have noticed companies expanding their international Financial Shared Services Center (FSSC) operations. More clients are taking advantage of scalable, replicable OTC methodology, in order to produce more predictable financial outcomes. In this process of business globalization, we find ourselves displacing more and more legacy information systems and OTC point-products. Often these systems have not been able to support more complex business needs in language, currency, multiple source systems of record, as well as more stringent business and regulatory demands. We continue to expand and certify our Cforia Data Connector repositories, which gives a distinct advantage over the competition and enables us to better serve global client needs quickly and efficiently, with very little need for their limited IT resources.”

Chris continued, “Working closely with our clients we also keep expanding the list of reports and OTC process workflows available within the Cforia Collaborative Knowledgebase. New clients are increasingly tapping into the wealth of Cforia customer knowledge and domain expertise via downloading content from the Cforia OTC App-Store and then customizing these best practices templates, in minutes, to improve their financial outcomes.”

At the International Credit Trade Finance (ICTF) Symposium, Cforia will also be providing insights from the recently released white paper published in the Credit Research Foundation (CRF) Business Journal. The new article, titled: Customer Data Harmonization / A Single View of Customer Truth, was written by Caparon and focuses on the need to be able to bring together customer transactional data (e.g. Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Collections Notes, Customer Segmentation and Treatment Strategy, Disputes, Deductions, Delinquencies, Dunning Notices, Contracts, Warranties, Shipping Information and POD (proof of delivery), Customer Service notes, Sales & CRM (customer relationship management) data, Credit Risk/Limits/Order-Releases, Payment Remittance, Cash Applications, Credit Memos and Empirical Payment Behavior) to build better workflows and achieve better financial outcomes.

About International Credit and Trade Finance (ICTF)

ICTF is the independent, not-for-profit, member-led association of International Credit and Trade Finance professionals, launched by the former FCIB/NACM board of directors in 2010, providing a distinct advantage to those who seek greater expertise in the field of international credit management.

Having attracted top international talent and over 800 members, ICTF has evolved as the association of choice for international credit professionals worldwide.

ICTF is dedicated to supporting the goals and serving the needs of its members and the international business community by providing unmatched expertise, powerful connections, leading edge resources, educational programs and services. The association offers real time business intelligence, exceptional opportunities for ongoing professional development and growth, and an unparalleled forum for benchmarking, sharing of best practices and the latest innovations in the industry.

View the complete agenda for the ICTF ICTF’s Global Credit Professionals Symposium – Chicago


About Cforia Software

Cforia Software, LLC. ( is a global enterprise software provider, delivering industry leading working capital and accounts receivable (A/R) automation software. Over 230 enterprises in 55 Countries are managing $250 billion in run-rate A/R portfolios with Cforia today. For fifteen years Cforia has delivered superior technology integrated with proprietary real-time data integration tools across complex and disparate ERP systems of record.  Cforia Collections Snapshot(SM), Credit Risk Analytics, Order Management, Clean vs. Dirty Receivables(SM), Multi-Languages/Currency, Global Parent/Child risk roll-up and multi-business unit solutions, are available in Hosted, On-Site or SaaS delivery. The comprehensive Cforia software suite maximizes Order-to-Cash (OTC) performance through an enterprise software suite which includes Zero-Touch OTC Lifecycles(SM), Credit Lifecycle Management, Strategic Collections Management, Deductions Collaboration Portals, and FTE Resource Optimization. Cforia’s A/R automation empowers Finance Departments to independently manage their order to cash workflows, electronic dunning correspondence, and credit and collections business logic and business analytics, without relying on an overburdened IT staff or expensive external resources.