Cforia Software Announces Major Product Enhancements at 14th Annual Cforia University held at Universal Studios Hilton

Cforia has expanded Client use into 117 Countries managing over $325B in turnover and 250 million transactions, delivering dramatic working capital productivity gains

Los Angeles, CA and London, UK – Cforia Software, LLC., is a world leading provider of next generation Order to Cash Automation software. Cforia’s disruptive technology platform, Cforia.autonomy™, seamlessly integrates with Client’s current billing systems by means of a highly sophisticated Cforia Next Generation Connector (CNGC). This breakthrough capability eliminates traditional information technology barriers to accessing comprehensive Customer Master Data…without which order-to-cash improvement is virtually impossible.

Since 2001, Cforia’s core driving focus has been the improvement of Accounts Receivable Working Capital and the capacity and efficiency of the resources responsible for credit, collections, disputes and deductions, cash application, electronic billing, payment processing and portal management. Cforia.autonomy™ is a completely new approach to how finance teams work more efficiently and interact more productively with other departments, critical to order-to-cash lifecycle management.

The Cforia Next Generation Data Connectors make the process of accessing critical Customer Master Data (often located in disparate systems like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft and stored in different formats), faster, more accurately, near real-time current data; all delivered with less Client-Side IT demands to consolidate it. Cforia has expanded the Cforia.autonomy™ robotic process automation (RPA) engine, to eliminate repetitive non value-add activities and create greater scalability and replicability within order-to-cash lifecycles.

Cforia also announced hundreds of new product features and enhancements, from improved information security controls, One-Time Payments, Portal Self Registration, Scheduled and Automatic Recurring Payments, new analytics graphics, data search capabilities and numerous architectural improvements to accelerate performance and responsiveness.

“This year is very exciting for Cforia and we were very happy to see so many international Clients at Cforia University this year. Our growth as a company and the significant expansion of the Cforia.autonomy™ capability in the areas of End-to-End Order-to-Cash processing, Next Generation Data Connectors, Robotic Automation, A/P and Client Portals and Collaboration, in addition to significantly expanding our Credit offerings. This year has simply been incredible.” says Cforia CEO, Chris Caparon.

“We have taken seventeen years of global client success and best practices experience and once again reinvented our product and services offerings to maintain our leadership with Fortune 20 through Fortune 1000 companies. Cforia.autonomy™ has created a new category of Capacity Driven Working Capital Improvement and we have incorporated many new concepts and approaches to age-old working capital problems. 2018 is proving to be the most significant year of growth in Cforia’s history.”

Cforia.autonomyTM dramatically reduces client-required IT resources, traditionally needed for aggregating and rationalizing complex/disparate system-of-record and system-of-engagement, needed for order-to-cash processes across a global enterprise.

“Cforia continues to add to a growing list of global customers by providing proven financial tools that improve their financial performance. Improved performance such as reducing days-beyond-terms, reducing days-sales-outstanding, reducing dispute resolution cycle times; all while providing increased command and control of global working capital. Cforia’s financial tool set includes improvements to our robotic automation tools that are designed to reduce the effort of mundane tasks that are high-volume, low-value collections activities. Cforia’s proven suite of order-to-cash solutions increase the volume of work accomplished with zero headcount growth and improve your customer relations with our custom facing solutions such as self-service and collaboration mobile portals.”

Cforia continues to expand its global client base and achieve significantly improved financial outcomes in reduced days-beyond-term/days-sales-outstanding, faster dispute resolutions cycle times, greater command and control of global working capital, robotic automation for high-volume lower-dollar client transactions, zero headcount growth through productivity gains and improved customer relationships through better Customer facing Self-Service and Collaboration capability.

Cforia solutions provide users with the ability to departmentally create Prioritized Worklists in minutes, without traditional IT or required Vendor support. Users can reprioritize global activity for Credit, Collections and Disputes teams, anywhere in the world, in just minutes.

Cforia.autonomy™ enables authorized users to rapidly model working capital outcomes and workloads by capacity, using Cforia’s Capacity Driven Headcount ManagementSM. Within minutes, management can reassign priorities by individual resources or shared services teams, by customer segmentation and appropriate treatment strategy. Users can measure how the global teams are performing against the new order-to-cash model and if the model is delivering expected results. If the results are not measuring up, the Cforia Capacity Driven Headcount Management has the ability to change priorities on-the-fly, in real-time.

About Cforia Software

Cforia Software, LLC. ( is a global enterprise software provider, delivering industry leading working capital and accounts receivable automation (A/R) software. Over 250 enterprises in 117 countries are managing $325 billion in A/R turn-over with Cforia today. For seventeen years Cforia has delivered superior technology integrated with proprietary real-time data integration tools across complex and disparate ERP systems of record. Cforia.autonomy™, delivers enhanced versions of Capacity Driven Headcount ManagementSM, Cforia Collections SnapshotSM, Credit Risk Analytics, Order Management, Clean vs. Dirty ReceivablesSM, Multi-Languages/Currency, Global Parent/Child risk roll-up and multi-business unit solutions. The new Cforia Next Generation Data Connectors and comprehensive upgrades to the Cforia.autonomy™ software suite, maximizes order-to-cash performance. Cforia.autonomy™ empowers Finance Departments to independently manage their order-to-cash workflows, electronic dunning correspondence and credit and collections business logic and business analytics, without relying on an overburdened IT staff or expensive external resources.