MC2 Release 6.95


If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support: – (818) 871-9687 x100

The following updates and patches for MC2 MAPICS are available for download:

MC2 6.95 XA6 & XA7.7 – Updated 1/8/2019:
MC2 6.95 XA7.8 – Updated 1/8/2019:
MC2 6.95 XA5 – Updated 1/8/2019:
MC2 6.95 XA9 – Updated 1/8/2019:


  • MC2 Deployment** – We are requesting that you upgrade your present MC2 Deployment to the most current version of the ASNA Runtime Deployment.


Please note: If you are applying this to a new desktop, be sure to contact the Cforia Software Support Team for detailed instructions: