Crisis Driven Collections Headcount Management

The biggest comment we hear from Credit, Collections and Disputes Departments is that the teams are already too busy.

Quite often a Collector, Dispute Resolver or Credit Analyst might have responsibility for 500 or more accounts. This does not leave enough time to even touch 100% of the A/R balance-carrying customers on a rolling 30 day cycle, let alone spend hours researching and resolving potentially hundreds of Disputes, Short-Pays, Deductions and to prevent any Unearned-Discounts.

Watch this webinar replay hosted by Credit Research Foundation’s Matthew Skudera and featuring Chris Caparon from Cforia Software  as they discuss the following topics:

  • Strategic Collections Management (SCM)
  • Dispute Resolution Cycle-Time Compression
  • 100% Portfolio Coverage Each 30 Day Cycle
  • FTE Scaling through Automation
  • Zero-Touch Order-to-Cash Lifecycle Management