A/R Department's Sole Working Platform

In today’s competitive market, A/R Departments carry a huge part of the responsibility for reducing DSO, preventing bad debt expense and maximizing cash flow. Enterprise software vendors have ignored this process and have forced A/R professionals to use a number of disconnected and manual tools to handle their responsibilities. How many reports, accounting system inquiries, notes, fax machines, emails and phone calls do you use in a day?

Cforia Software provides A/R Professionals with a sole working platform that streamlines and simplifies every task you perform. It is a tightly integrated system that overlays your accounting software to be the single interface for all A/R activities. With functionality in areas such as an A/R Collaboration Portal and a Credit, Collections and Deductions Workbench, transform your A/R Department into a paperless environment where mundane daily tasks are automated. With Cforia, Accounts Receivable Professionals finally have a product designed specifically to meet their unique challenges.

The Cforia Solution for A/R Professionals:

Rules Based Collections
Promise-to-Pay Tracking
Support Point-of-Sale with Real-Time held order management
Days Beyond Terms calculation and trend analysis of every customer’s payment pattern against the unique terms of all invoices
Built-in Report Writer that automates cash forecasting and measures key A/R metrics across Corporate, Departmental and Individual Collector
Separate “clean and dirty” receivables tracking to reduce Days Deductions Outstanding
“What You See is What You Get” programmable Electronic Dunning
Prioritized Activity Reminder System that ensures order-hold and release activities and other high-impact tasks are accomplished in a timely and efficient manner
Deductions coding and database driven follow up
Real-Time integration with single and disparate ERP landscapes

Key Features:

Credit Management
Collections Management
Deductions Management
Order Hold Management
Cash Forecasting & Reporting
Electronic Dunning System
Real-Time Data Integration

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