Accounts Receivable is every company’s top priority, yet your A/R Department survives by using a patchwork of reports, system inquiries, fax machines and countless phone calls to generate cash flow and working capital. Companies spend millions on IT to optimize everything from manufacturing to human resources. Why not receivables?

With the implementation of Cforia Software’s A/R Automation Platform and all of the functionality that it provides, CFOa/Senior Executives are ensured a more successful company with a healthier balance sheet. Cforia’s Platform automates, streamlines and measures all A/R related activities in order to generate cash flow and increase efficiency. Its powerful reporting tools deliver new financial controls for cash flow forecasting, improving collection efficiency and conducting root-cause analysis for late payments and deductions. Cforia Software’s A/R Automation Platform will transform your company’s cash flow.

The Cforia Solution for Health Sciences Enterprises:

Build Shareholder Value: Cforia helps increase the bottom line with reduced days to pay, bad debt and chargebacks.
Cash Forecasting: Cforia ensures accurate predictions of cash flow and liquidity that helps a company further optimize assets by enabling strategic management of investments.
Real-Time Financial Controls: Cforia integrates seamlessly with the source accounting system to provide current data, not batched, for informed decision making.
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance: Cforia makes it easier to track and report the necessary credit and receivables metrics, plus segregate responsibilities such as credit coding and approval.
Metrics: Cforia provides information to enable Root-Cause Analysis of slow pays, short pays, chargebacks and other receivables issues to develop business process improvements.
One-Click Sort: Cforia gives CFOs easy access to customer accounts, collector efficiency and company cash flow performance.
Rapid ROI: Cforia is easy to install, easy to implement and easy to use

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