Enhance the Order to Cash Process

Cforia Software has the most comprehensive Order to Cash software in today’s market. The implementation of our product provides a powerful tool for success in increasing your company’s productivity and efficiency in the order to cash cycle. It presents companies with a complete A/R Automation package that includes the following functions: Real-Time Database Integration, Cforia.autonomyTM, Online Payments & eBilling Portal, A/R Collaboration Portal and Cash Application Automation.

The foundation of the Cforia Order to Cash Platform is Real-Time Database Integration. This component drives the workflow behind all of the elements in the Platform. With Cforia.autonomyTM your A/R Department has access to a sole database where credit, collections and deductions can be properly recorded and handled. The platform also enables your customers to have access to the database, giving them the ability to view and manage their own payments and disputes. Similarly, members of your A/R Department have sign-on capabilities in order to view payments and disputes, manage their activities and collaborate with other members in their department. The final piece of the Platform further utilizes the functionality of database integration by using OCR technology to automatically read and record payments in the form of PDF, ITF, hard copy or Treasury Lockbox service.

Cforia.autonomyTM is unlike any other in its market space. The ease with which it integrates across multiple ERP systems and its real-time database integration differentiate it from other competitors.

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