Enterprise clients across the globe rely on Cforia to help them deliver industry leading working capital and accounts receivable (A/R) performance. Over 250 enterprises are managing $425 billion in A/R turnover with Cforia.autonomyTM.  Our 16 years of success have been driven by superior technology integrated with proprietary real-time data integration tools across complex and disparate ERP systems.

The Cforia.autonomyTM includes Collections Snapshot, Credit Risk Analytics, Order Management, Clean vs. Dirty Receivables Tracking, multi-languages/currency, global Parent/Child risk roll-up and multi-business unit solutions are available in Hosted(SM) On-Site delivery.

With the implementation of Cforia.autonomyTM, CFOs, Senior Management, Collectors, Resolvers, Credit Analysts and Collaborative Field personnel have greater visibility into your global financial supply chains. Cforia.autonomyTM automates, streamlines and measures all A/R related activities in order to release working capital tied-up in order to cash processes.

Features in the Cforia A/R Workbench include but are not limited to:

Rules Based and Risk Based Collections Methodology
Promise-to-Pay Tracking and Management
Support Point-of-Sale with Time held Order Management
Days Beyond Terms calculation and trend analysis of every customer’s payment pattern against the unique terms of all invoices
Built-In Report Writer that automates cash forecasting and measures key A/R metrics across Corporate, Departmental and Individual Collector
Separately tracks “Clean and Dirty” Receivables to improve the accuracy of individual customer Days-Beyond-Terms analysis
Supports your company’s deductions, dispute and chargeback codes
Automated deductions collaboration assignment and tracking
Prioritizes deductions and disputes based upon size and type
Integration with Internet Proof-of-Delivery
Document Imaging Support
Root-cause analysis
Calculates Days Beyond Terms (DBT) with payment trend analysis
Monitoring of consumption of credit limits at Parent & Child levels
System can automatically pull credit data from third party credit services including D&B, DNBi, Experian, Equifax, Graydon, LexisNexis and EDGAROnline.
Automatically flags customers with deteriorating credit metrics to analysts for in-depth evaluation.

Its powerful reporting tools deliver new financial controls for cash flow forecasting, improving collection efficiency and conducting root-cause analysis for late payments and deductions. Cforia.autonomyTM will transform your company’s cash flow.

The Cforia Solution for Corporate Cash Flow Management:

Build Shareholder Value: Cforia helps increase the bottom line with reduced days to pay, bad debt and chargebacks.
Cash Forecasting: Cforia ensures accurate predictions of cash flow and liquidity that helps a company further optimize assets by enabling strategic management of investments.
Real-Time Financial Controls: Cforia integrates seamlessly with the source accounting system to provide current data, not batched, for informed decision making.
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance: Cforia makes it easier to track and report the necessary credit and receivables metrics, plus segregate responsibilities such as credit coding and approval.
Metrics: Cforia provides information to enable Root-Cause Analysis of slow pays, short pays, chargebacks and other receivables issues to develop business process improvements.
One-Click Sort: Cforia gives CFOs easy access to customer accounts, collector efficiency and company cash flow performance.
Rapid ROI: Cforia is easy to install, easy to implement and easy to use

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