Streamline Deductions and Disputes Management

Deductions, disputes and chargebacks arise from a number of sources including trade credits, price discrepancies, returned merchandise, product damage, etc. Most companies currently manage the life cycle of these discrepant transactions using manual spreadsheets and email. A common complaint with most ERP systems is that the deductions are hard to find.

Oftentimes deductions, disputes and chargebacks fall through the cracks because there is no automated system in place to properly code, assign and track these “dirty receivables”.

Cforia Software delivers an application designed specifically to optimize workflow. Cforia.autonomyTM includes standard functionality provides your company with visibility and automated tracking to assure that members of your A/R Department to work together with other departments and customers to track down the root-cause of all deductions and disputes.

Use Collaboration to Accelerate Order-to-Cash Cycle:

Supports your company’s deductions, dispute and chargeback codes
Automated deductions collaboration assignment and tracking
Prioritizes deductions and disputes based upon size and type
Integration with Internet Proof-of-Delivery
Document Imaging Support
Root-cause analysis
Enhanced collaboration workflow using A/R Collaboration Portal
Integration with and Siebel CRM
Segregates deductions approval and chargeoff responsibilities
Standard part of Cforia’s Credit, Collections and Deductions Workbench
Real-Time Integration with popular ERP systems including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, MS Dynamics, all AS/400 and most others

Key Features

Deductions and Disputes
Chargeback Management
Customer Satisfaction
Increase Recovery Rates
Root-Cause Analysis
Enhance Internal Controls
Accelerate Order-to-Cash Cycle

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