The A/R Reporting Challenge

Most A/R Departments and Executive Management teams require extensive reporting to effectively maintain proper internal controls and make adjustments to changing business conditions. The information that is presented in these reports helps management and collections staff determine whether current credit and collections policies and procedures are working, or what needs to be changed  in order to more effectively collect outstanding receivables. Reporting is also key in prioritizing collection activities, isolating problem accounts and identifying outstanding balances that need to be collected. Most companies are  currently reporting with manual methods that often entails gathering input in spreadsheets and consolidating data from there.

Create Customer Reports to Fit your Business Needs

The MI2 Report Writer eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets and other manual tools, enabling users to significantly reduce the time it takes to create a report. Because the Report Writer sits on top of Cforia’s Credit and Collections Workbench, all of your credit and collections fields are available to report on from a single database. Each user has the ability to create multiple report templates that can be saved and generated at any point in time. Report columns and search filters are all highly customizable in order to support reporting at any level. The result is a streamlined, automated reporting process that increases visibility for both the user and management team.

Key Features:

Exports to Excel, PDF, Word or XML
Track individual collectors by activity and financial results
Save custom reports and select from a list of built-in reports
Filter and sort data by any field/column
Search Filter allows you to “search” specific criteria you want to include or exclude from your report
Sorting and Report Grouping options so you can select which column to sort by
Ability to subset accounts by strategy code, balance over a certain amount to create a customized grid view in the workbench


Eliminate the use of outside tools- Excel, Crystal Reports, etc.
Consolidate reports across disparate ERP software/systems
Create report templates once that can be used whenever necessary
Automates manual reporting efforts to improve efficiency and accuracy
Drive better financial results
Increase visibility over accounts as well as individual collectors

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