Order Management

Drive better credit release decisions.

Improve Held Order Release Decision Speed and Accuracy

Reduce the manual steps it takes to release orders on hold and streamline the process to reduce bad debt and improve customer service.

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Flexible Order Hold Workflows

Manage held orders appropriately with larger accounts and smaller accounts, or depending on how your business is structured.

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Automatic Order Hold Release

Set up workflows and rules specific to your business that automatically release held orders or prioritize for your immediate attention.

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Credit Limit Management

Integrated with Cforia.autonomy’s Credit Management module to allow you to automate and make better decisions based on credit limit and payment trend data.

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Collection Strategy Alignment

Eliminate the number of customer touches your collections team uses to reach out to customers with held orders and utilize automation to streamline follow-up.

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Sales Collaboration

Easily collaborate with your sales team and assign follow-up tasks to them to better streamline the collections process. 

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Data-Driven Decisions

Using data from across Cforia.autonomy’s order-to-cash platform, held orders can be driven by the customer data – payment trends, credit limits, credit scorecards – to allow you to make quicker, more accurate order release decisions .

Cforia is able to pull and divide out what we want for invoicing in terms of separating deductions and disputes from open invoices. This allows us to look at reports for open invoices only and do forecasting off of that.
Barb Skrletts, Manager, Treasury Systems & Accounts Receivable | MTD Products

Proactive Order Hold Management

Automate and streamline your workflows.

Order hold management is often a manual process that oftentimes involves a team working through and releasing held orders daily. This is often due to systems that don’t allow flexible business logic to be set up that allows you to adjust how you manage orders, as well as a lack of integration with credit limit data. Cforia.autonomy’s order-to-cash platform gives you the control you need to automate your order hold release process in a way that transitions it from a reactive one to a proactive, and fully automated process.

Product Overview

Get paid faster by setting up customizable rules that send automated dunning letters to your customers and allow them to quickly and easily make payments online. Learn more...
Cforia’s Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence capabilities the automation of matching critical remittance, bank data, and open invoices from multiple sources, improving visibility. Learn more...
Improve collector efficiency and reduce customer touches by automating daily collections tasks such as reminders, task lists, and customer communication so that your team can focus on key accounts. Learn more...
Quickly resolve or escalate deductions with the ability to automatically code deductions and disputes and view all of your data in one platform, providing visibility necessary to easily collaborate with customers and team members. Proactive deductions management. Learn more...
Reduce the number of customer touches and improve customer service by giving your customers the ability to view, reprint, dispute, and pay their invoices online through our secure online customer self-service portal. Learn more...
With real-time data synced between your ERP and Cforia’s platform you can easily and quickly run reports on the data that matters most to your business. Learn more...
Reduce nuisance holds and the manual processes involved in reviewing and releasing held orders with consolidated credit and collections data in one platform driven by machine learning to minimize order holds and improve customer service. Learn more...


Learn more about Cforia’s Order Management functionality and better understand how it has driven success for other companies like yours.

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Data Sheet

View the Order Management data sheet for a complete product overview.

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Learn how Order Management functions within the Cforia Order-to-Cash platform.

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If your current A/R processes involve manual tasks or you are constantly finding your data in silos that make it difficult to consolidate and prioritize, then it may be time to find a solution that better addresses your challenges. See how Cforia’s complete end-to-end order-to-cash platform uses customer intelligence to automate your day-to-day and improve collector efficiency.