Crisis Headcount Management Part II: Capacity Driven Headcount Management

Capacity Driven Headcount Management (CDHM), is a Disruptive Technology, combined with analytics, delivering a very different approach to the traditional spreadsheet collections methodology and changes the paradigm of “Crisis Driven Headcount Management”.

ERP-based A/R automation programs do not consider capacity in their workflow generation. This is a recipe for disaster.

Overloading your FTE’s (Full Time Employees) ensures you will be back to using spreadsheets to “really plan” FTE activities. In essence, what is needed is Order-to-Cash (OTC) Capacity Planning across OTC departments and resources.

This webinar will review:

  • OTC Full time employees (FTE’s) have a finite amount of capacity, or number of events they can accomplish in a given day. These are called FTE Events (FTEE’s = Collections Phone Calls, Dunning Letters, Invoice Reprints, Risk Calculations, Disputes Resolved, Order Releases, etc.).
  • How companies are: a) Increasing FTEE speed and capacity; and b) Making sure that each FTE is maximizing the dollar value of each FTEE to create greater impact to available working capital.