Latest Webinar: Global End-to-End Order-to-Cash – 8 Ways to Maximize Your Cash Flow

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A/R Best Practices

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Cforia and CRF Webinar: SAP’s Order-to-Cash, Then and Now

This webinar with the Credit Research Foundation (CRF) discusses an overview of SAP’s Order-to-Cash progress from R/1 to S/4 HANA.

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Webinar: Financial Best Practices in Shared Services Technology: Part II 2015-2018

This webinar with the Credit Research Foundation (CRF) discusses how Finance Management is finding new ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness of its global order-to-cash resources.

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Webinar: Automation Nation Technology-Driven Innovation in Accounts Receivable

The technology revolution is impacting all aspects of Billing, Payments, Collections, Dispute Resolution and Credit Management like never before. Watch this webinar replay with AutoNation, Cforia and Billtrust as they discuss a wide array of topics:

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New Collection Analytics – Producing Greater Value within OTC (Order-to-Cash) Processes

Finance management is finding ways to “move the working capital needle” and they are changing how order-to-cash teams operate in very material ways. The “New Collections Analytics” are much more refined and they are tied to producing greater value per order-to-cash (OTC) resource activity.

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Crisis Driven Headcount Management Part II

Capacity Driven Headcount Management (CDHM), is a Disruptive Technology, combined with analytics, delivering a very different approach to the traditional spreadsheet collections methodology. Watch Part II of the Crisis Driven Headcount Management webinar series to learn how companies are utilizing Capacity Driven Headcount Management.

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Order Management

Crisis Driven Headcount Management Part I

A CRF Educational Webinar hosted by Credit Research Foundation’s Matthew Skudera and featuring Chris Caparon from Cforia Software. Watch as they discuss solutions for Credit, Collections and Disputes Departments to more efficiently large numbers of accounts at once.

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Best Practices in Finance: Credit, Collections and Cash Application

Are you tasked with identifying the best projects to support your CFO’s goals and objectives? Not sure where to start? Learn how to identify and evaluate current OTC operational activity which will help select hose projects deliver the greatest ROI and fastest time to value.

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OTC Best Practices in a Financial Shared Services Center

This webinar will focus on “in-sourcing” for delivering OTC Best Practices in a Financial Shared Service Center (FSSC) Environment in your shop. Learn about the Top Five Best Practices essential for unlocking working capital in Accounts Receivable.

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Reducing Deductions and Dispute Resolution Cycle Times

Lead by Credit Research Foundation’s Bill Balduino, Cforia Software shares findings from the 2015 CRF Q3 Business Journal article, “Unlike Fine Wine, Deductions Do Not Grow Better With Age…” authored by Cforia Software’s COO, Chris Caparon.

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Facilitating Shared Services across Multiple ERP Systems

For companies that have grown through Mergers and Acquisitions, it is common to use different ERP platforms to manage their A/R and billing. This makes creating a shared service center difficult and reduces their efficiency.

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Managing A/R across Parent/Child Hierarchies

Corporations have the ability to structure account groups in a variety of ways, according to their specific industry standards, operating responsibilities and reporting demands. As a vendor, it is crucial to have tools in place to properly manage orders, billing and collection of cash for each business unit.

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Are there Problems with your current Credit & Collections Software?

Cforia Software shares the key benefits for companies when migrating their legacy Credit & Collections Software. We will explain how a short project only a couple of weeks to months can help your company move off their legacy platform and improve departmental performance.

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Five Best Practices for Global Financial Shared Service Centers

Need better ways to manage Global Order to Cash? Every SSO and FSSC business model is based on a number of key elements that you need to get right. Watch this video replay from ICTF and Cforia Software to understand best practices for your global financial shared service center.

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Cash Application Automation

A lot to do

Automate EDI Processing

Learn how to achieve 90-95% straight through processing of EDI-820 remittances without reliance upon custom programming. The business improvement processes demonstrated will eliminate the manual coding of deductions and disputes from EDI-820 remittance advice.

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Solve European SWIFT MT940 Bank Statement Automation Problems

Learn how to address the key problems that are stopping you form automating your MT940 bank statements across Europe. This presentation will also cover the business advantages of fixing your company’s MT940 automation problems.

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Auto-Reconcile Multi-Location Retail Store Cash & Charges

Auto-reconciling cash received versus cash booked with multiple retail locations is a business problem that no ERP system has adequately solved. This demonstration goes through the list of issues and resolutions for retail reconciliations.

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Credit & Collections


Automated Credit Management to Avoid Bad Debt

In these challenging economic times Accounts Receivable departments assume the delicate role of identifying struggling customers, policing exposure and making quick and often difficult order release decisions. Cforia Software shares a solution that will increase the effectiveness of your department’s credit management.

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Reduce Cost & DSO through Automated Dunning

Many ERP systems lack the flexibility that your A/R Department needs to generate letters based on a customer dissatisfaction, amount owed or delinquency. This lack in automation causes a delay in delivering the letter and inevitably leads to a delayed payment.

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Job Based Collections Strategies

Most ERP systems were designed to meet the needs of large volume Manufacturers and Distributors. You cannot simply adopt their collection strategies and workflow to effectively use it to collect in an industry that is better fit for Job Based Collections.

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Double your A/R Department Call Volume

In these challenging economic times Accounts Receivable departments assume the delicate role of identifying struggling customers, policing exposure and making quick and often difficult order release decisions. Cforia Software shares a solution that will increase the effectiveness of your department’s credit management.

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Clutered Office Desk

Collections Prioritization

One of the most inefficient collection methods still used all too often today by A/R Departments is to prioritize your day based on an aging report. The aging report allows staff to base collection calls on how past due an invoice or account is, however, there are a number of other factors that need to be considered before picking up the phone.

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Online Payments & eBilling


Accelerating Billing & Online Payments Adoption

Learn how to improve both internal and customer adoption:

– Electronic Solutions
– Identify differing internal personalities and how to get each type on board
– Develop and execute a marketing plan to drive customer adoption
– Customer touches that are designed to drive adoption

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PCI Compliance Webinar Promotion

Easily achieve PCI Compliance and Improve Customer Service with a B2B Payment Portal

Lack of PCI compliance represents a major risk that can result in loss of reputation and significant fines for your business. Learn how to achieve both PCI compliance and improve customer service at the same time with a payment portal that is geared to business-to-business users.

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Are You Ready for the Surge in Online Fraud?

As US merchants adopt EMV chip card technology at the point of sale, in-person counterfeit card fraud will shrink. As a result, fraudsters will migrate their activity online and Card-Not-Present fraud will soar, just as witnessed after EMV took hold in the UK and Canada.

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