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Every successful SSO and FSSC deployment is based on getting three (3) key elements right: 1) The resources to do the work; 2) Having scalable, replicable and measurable processes; and 3) A technology infrastructure to give you access to required data.

The challenge many face is that being unfamiliar, they tend to focus on Shared Services Providers (SSP’s) for outsourced help. Most SSP’s do a good job of identifying large amounts of working capital (WC) trapped in your current order to cash processes, which can be a result of inefficient business information systems and the redundant, repetitive manual processes your put in place to address these inefficiencies.

The downside to SSP’s is the lack of controls and transparency for the client, loss of business intelligence on the transactions and SSP processes, inadequate or nonexistent root cause analytics to help improve source system process and the inability to roll-up numerous data points from disparate information systems for timely and precise decisioning.

This webinar will focus on “in-sourcing” for delivering OTC Best Practices in a Financial Shared Service Center (FSSC) Environment in your shop.  We will discuss the critical areas for building a successful SSO or FSSC environment to help you optimize your order to cash results.

Learn about the Top Five Best Practices essential for unlocking working capital in Accounts Receivable:

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