Unlike fine wine, Deductions do not grow better with age...

How big of a problem are Disputes, Short-Pays, Deductions and Unearned-Discounts for American businesses today? Using Credit Research Foundation (CRF) Survey results, Deductions negatively impact Accounts Receivables (A/R) somewhere between 1% and 5%. Without accurate and easily retrievable data, there is often a great deal of confusion and conflicting information related to how Deductions are processed and treated. The whole process is viewed as a distracting cost-of-doing-business rather than an indicator of what is developing at the individual account level, or rolled up to the global parent level to give a single source of your Client Transactional Truth. Download this whitepaper to learn how you can make significant improvements with how you manage your Deductions and Disputes.

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Revolutionizing the Order to Cash Process
Cforia Software is the leading provider of end-to-end order to cash solutions, enabling even the most complex organizations to achieve a single view of A/R across business units and functional point solutions. Seamless integration and real-time syncing with existing ERP and third-party systems enables:

  • Consolidated view of data across disparate tasks and workflow
  • Predictive modeling that gives you better than real-time insight
  • Ability to pinpoint opportunities to improve efficiency via automation
  • Better information sharing across cross-functional teams
  • Enhanced working capital management and profitability
  • Vastly improved customer experience at every touchpoint

8 AI-Powered Modules, 1 View of Accounts Receivables

Highly configurable modules within the Cforia platform provide solutions to optimize every stage of the cash to order cycle while empowering your business with critical visibility across currencies, languages, businesses, and EPRs

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Real-time data and automated dunning and workflows free up A/R headcount to focus on priority accounts, reducing DSO.

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Order Management

Advanced data analytics improve speed and accuracy of credit decisions, reducing bad debt and improving customer experience

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Credit Management

Ongoing trend analyses enhance credit scoring models and integrated workflows make the decisioning and approval process more efficient

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Customer Self-Service

Enhance the customer experience and reduce the burden on your support team by enabling the ability to view and pay invoices online.

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Invoicing & eBilling

Electronic invoice delivery reducing errors and delays typical with manual paper invoicing and adds the option of convenient online payments.

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Deductions & Disputes

Streamlining the process reduces resolution cycles and better data capture and analysis uncover root cause and important trends.

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Cash Application

Automating advanced remittance matching across data sources improves team productivity and increases accuracy.

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Reporting & Analytics

Cross-platform data visualization and analysis provides the visibility and insights that lead to optimized business performance & growth.

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